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Tulsa Logo Design Samples

I assume your looking for Tulsa Logo Design Samples. You came to the right spot. I have a vast collection of logos I have created over the years from all kinds of different categories ranging from common roofers, plumbers and out in left field categories. scroll down take a look, if you have any questions about logo design or website design please feel free to call or text me at 918.902.4061. If you are ready to start the process please click on the order button at the top menu.

Tulsa Logo Design Samples

Below are samples from just a few of the logos I have designed over the years. I hope they convey my ability to deliver a very professional logo.

Master Logo Files

Tulsa Logo Design Samples

A logo will not do you much good without the editable master files. With each project I send the AI, PSD, JPG, BMP, PNG in several sizes along with transparency’s, black and whites, basically everything you need to print everything from cards, hats, shirts, wraps, billboards and more. With the AI file any graphic artist can quickly open and edit for any need.

Below is logo samples of both completed logos and concepts. You will notice that the concepts have 4-6 variations of logos, in most cases I provide at least 4 concepts, just to provide as many visuals as possible to create a starting point for the final design. Most logo project I ask that you respond via email anytime to allow me to have a typed out description of the edits you are wanting. I have met a client face to face to discuss there logo, but most of the time it is all done via email. When it comes to website design much more often I meet face to face to discuss functionality.


Completed Logos